Ivory Cradle -> RayPlay REBRAND Story

Wow. Where to start. 

Katie and I started this shop in 2020. We are two sisters who love creating together. We are also two passionate moms of a combined 6 children. These two qualities gave us a dream to create a shop with products that are beautiful and practical for moms. 

We chose “Ivory Cradle” because it felt like it fit current trends and was simple and easy to remember. We don’t have a special story surrounding the name and never felt truly connected to it. So when it came to choose a new name, we were excited to rebuild our brand and mission statement with a more meaningful name. 

After selling on Amazon, we found our products to be VERY successful, so successful that Chinese scammers were FLOODING our listings and trying to take advantage of the online traffic. One very sneaky scammer company found out we weren’t trademarked and filed a trademark under the name Ivory Cradle before we did. In order to sell on Amazon Brand registry where you have more protection and visibility, you need to be trademarked. So instead of spending thousands of dollars and several months in a legal fight, we decided to rebrand and pivot our entire mission as a business and as sisters and as mothers. 

Que Ray Play… 

We also found that we LOVE designing beautiful, interactive toys that are more practical and durable for parents. Our ULTIMATE example of interactive and independent play is our mom. She is a Ray. A Ray of sunshine and a Ray at birth (it was her maiden name and now middle name). It is now the middle name of three of her grandchildren. What it means to be a Ray is a staple in our entire extended family. A Ray is someone who works hard, plays harder, and gives back EVEN harder. 

Our mother was never the type to sit on the bench at the park. She climbs on the rock walls, goes down the slides, and swings on the ropes along with her kids and now grandkids. She taught us to work, read, sing, and explore, and now takes every opportunity to teach our kids to do the same. 

Our mission is to create tools for parents & kids to explore and learn through interactive play. And to do so lovingly, always looking for ways to give back. Just like the Ray way. Work hard, play hard, GIVE hard. 

As of November 2023, we are now officially RayPlay™

We are so grateful for you as you follow/begin with us on this journey!

With love, 

Heidi Steele & Katie Bateman 

Ray Play Co-founders 



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